Thursday, 24 October 2013

Mark Maupin Coins The Term Online Business Optimization (OBO)

Mark Maupin Explains Difference Between Online Business Optimization (OBO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Troy, MI --Mark Maupin is well known throughout the United State as an accomplished and respected Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert. His company, Right Now Marketing, ( offers such an all-encompassing range of services for his clients which differs markedly from run of the mill SEO firms, that he coined a new term to describe his internet marketing method. That term is Online Business Optimization (OBO). He recently spoke at Troy College and outlined how Online Business Optimization (OBO) differs from Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"Online Business Optimization utilizes traditional as well as advanced SEO techniques simultaneously for multiple URL's while using the same primary key words. This results in total page domination for the client. The client's competitors are eliminated from consideration by page visitors. Whereas the focus of SEO is to place the client's website on the first page, the goal of OBO is to place many of the client's websites on the first page. Often eight out of the first ten spot in the search engine results point directly to the client," Maupin explained.
"Search results links take users to blogs, websites, videos, classifieds, press releases, Google Places, social media networks, articles and other strategic online destinations," he added. To read more insightful messages from Mark Maupin, visit:
For an expansive explanation of Online Business Optimization (OBO), see the video at:

About Right Now Marketing:

Right Now Marketing is an online business optimization (OBO) doing search engine optimization (SEO) for multiple URL's with the same major keywords resulting in total page domination under blogs, websites, videos, classifieds, press releases, Google Places and articles. Founder, Mark Maupin formed the company to provide online marketing for all types of businesses and service providers across the nation. Mark has taught accredited online marketing classes at the local college and he leads seminars and an internet marketing training club to teach people how to do it themselves.

Mark Maupin

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