Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Request for help for single father seeking a safer living conditions

J Nelson, an independent contractor that consistently does work for Right Now Marketing. J Nelson is now a single father in need of an affordable two bedroom rental. Jeffrey works from home doing internet marketing for different companies.

He had major foot surgery three months ago. He needs to relocate avoid steps in two unit he is in.  He has first months rent and can make payments on security. Now that he recovery is progressing rapidly, he is looking a more safe and stable environment for his daughter, who he homeschools.

Working with Right Now Marketing, along with his own business, (a web design & hosting company) has allowed him to increase his potential income dramatically and by changing his living situation.

J Nelson said "Due to environment in my Highland Park neighborhood, I want out, For the safety of my daughter, I am very amenable to considering any and all options available to a safer area in Metro Detroit."

You can call Jeffrey at: 313-742-0890  or email him at: jeffrey@weapplytech.com

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