Monday, 14 January 2013

Why Would An Investor Work With a Michigan Real Estate Agent To Find Investment Properties?

KEY When you are buying real estate, keep in mind that property is not the same as stocks. Many people like to try to make money by buying and reselling properties.

One of the single best assets you can have when working with property is a good relationship with a seasoned, established real estate agent in the area you are buying in. Many investors feel some sort of resentment against real estate agents in general, when in reality, if they would follow some simple rules, they would find that a good agent will make them considerably more than they could make on their own.

A few points about Realtors:

1. They work with real estate values and markets every day, the average investor works with property in his spare time.

2. They only get paid if they successfully perform a service for you.

KEY Buying real estate is a decision that should not be made lightly. If you are in the market for a house the first obvious decision should be the area in which you would like to live.

3. If you find a full time agent that has been selling real estate for more than 3 years, he or she probably knows more about marketing your property than you ever will, unless you take up investing full time. Again, look for a quality agent, one who is full time in real estate sales, not part time.

KEY When buying real estate, make the best deal for yourself and your budget. Buyer's remorse can set in if you feel that something was missing or you did not get what you wanted out of the deal.

If you don't know the value of a particular piece of real estate, you can use an agent to help you locate comparable properties. An agent can also give you pointers on what makes property sell, such as what are the latest color schemes, and how to "stage" a house for sale.

Where do you find Investor Realtor or Investor Real Estate Agent?

KEY Take guesswork out of the realtor's hand whenever you can. Research will be the first step to any purchase.

How does investor find a Real estate agent that understands how investor thinks and kind of property that works for investor buys? The best places are real estate investor clubs. So how find investors association or groups in your area? It's easy do a Google search on any of following: Real Estate Investing Clubs, Real Estate Investment Association, REIAs, Real Estate Investing Classes, Real Estate Investing Groups, Landlord Club, and Real Estate Investing Network.

KEY As with many things, education is an important part of real estate buying. Be sure to learn as much as you possibly can on the real estate market and buying real estate by reading books based on the subjects.

A Real Estate Investors Association mission is to provide an entrepreneurial atmosphere for real estate investors to learn, teach, and network to new and experienced investors. REIAs and the Real Estate Investors Clubs have been formed for real estate entrepreneurs and professionals with one of their goals to bring like minded individuals together, to achieve greater real estate goals. Real Estate Club members come from many walks of life: first time buyers, new investors, licensed agents and mortgage brokers, commercial investors, attorneys, CPAs, and first time landlords.

KEY When buying real estate, do not go into the process alone, get a realtor to help you find the property you are looking for. Realtors have contacts in the business who know things that the average buyer does not.

Real Estate Investment Clubs and Associations meet regularly in most major cities. They hold there meetings usually on monthly basis in the evening. First time visitors can usually come free to a first meeting or pay each meeting thereafter or get yearly membership. Membership is encouraged as these organizations are primarily funded through membership. What great place to find real estate agent who is in like minded group.

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