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Local Appliance Repair Company in Chandler Arizona, Tiger Mechanical Services, Provides Information on Kitchen Range Maintenance

Tiger Mechanical Services, an appliance repair company in Chandler, provides helpful information on stove maintenance that will keep one's stove working trouble-free for years.

 Chandler, AZ – The stove is the center piece of a family kitchen and provides the means to make delicious meals for the family. When the stove malfunctions, those meals can be in jeopardy unless one has an alternative means of cooking in the home.

Keeping that stove working properly is what the professionals at Tiger Mechanical Services in Chandler are known for. Their appliance repair experts have brought hundreds, if not thousands of kitchen stoves back to life, but they are also proactive and like to offer information to the homeowner that will help keep the stove in sound working order between service calls. Visit their website at or call 480-275-7872.

Regular appliance maintenance can mean the difference between eating a wonderful holiday meal or eating cold cuts. To extend the life of one's stove Tiger Mechanical, the appliance repair Chandler specialists, offer some helpful hints:

1. One should always read the owner's manual that came with the stove and follow the manufacturers' instructions carefully. When using self-cleaning and continuous-clean ovens, only use products that are designed for these ovens.

2. Install a heavy-duty surge protector to guard the oven's electronic controls against power spikes and surges. Homeowners know to do this to protect their computers, but today's appliances also contain the same type of electronics.

3. Do not use aluminum foil under stove top burners because a foil sheet can block the vent usually located under one of the rear burners. The vent is an important part of the oven and needs to be clear when the oven is in use. For more information, visit or call a friendly staff member at 480-275-7872.

4. Keeping one's stove clean is essential. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and use only cleaners recommended for the type of stove one owns. Keeping the oven and burner pans free of grease and grime will make it more efficient and prevent fire hazards.

Whether one is looking for an honest stove repair company or a refrigerator repair company, the appliance repair technicians at Tiger Mechanical Services provide expert service on all major brands of appliances and technicians will offer some helpful information to appliance owners to keep their appliances working in top-notch condition.

About Tiger Mechanical Services:

Tiger Mechanical Services not only saves one money, but they also save one the stress involved when hiring a typical appliance repair company. Located in Gilbert, they also service Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler. All work is covered with a 2 year parts and one year labor warranty (residential repairs only). With factory authorized technicians with well over 25 years of experience, Tiger Mechanical Services is the premier appliance repair service company in the Scottsdale area.

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