Monday, 28 January 2013

Casey Thebolt spoke about tuck pointing at the Michigan Contractors Associations monthly meeting

Casey Thebolt is a local masonry contractor out of Ferndale Michigan, spoke on the basics of tuck-pointing and why it is so important to take care of defective masonry joints

 Detroit mi-Casey shared that Tuck pointing is a form of brick and mortar repair in which damaged, cracked, deteriorated, or otherwise defective mortar joints are replaced. Casey removes old mortar with a metallic diamond-wheeled blade and cleans and refills the void with fresh mortar. Mortar damage is often caused result of the weather. Rain Snow and abrasive elements wear out the mortar . Mortar is designed to properly bond masonry units to each other and has several ratings type n, type s and type m. It is critical when performing a job that the right mortar is used. It is necessary to maintain masonry structures mortar joints because if unchecked, water can penetrate and can threaten the interior structure of the building.

Mr. Thebolt not only focuses on the proper material and techniques to deliver a watertight job, he also place high priority on appearance. His skilled crews carefully select proper mortar dyes and tools to complement existing mortar color, texture, finish, and profile. A quality tuck pointing job will not only seal and form a tight barrier between the masonry and the elements, but also maintains the current aesthetic look of the structure. In fact, our professional team will ensure it is very difficult to tell that there was any work done at all.
Casey Thebolt's services include, Repairing all brick and mortar damage to Aesthetically enhance the appearance of your building's masonry. He works hard to improve the marketability of your structure while Forming watertight barriers between masonry and natural elements. In the end this helps to prolong the overall life of your structure's masonry. Casey says "if you can't do the right the first time then don't do it. Customer satisfaction is everything "
Casey Thebolt is a masonry contractor who lives in Ferndale Michigan. He is an avid outdoorsman who love to get away fishing when he has the chance. Casey is passionate about running and physical fitness. He enjoy biking and hiking when he is not at work.

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