Sunday, 16 December 2012

MediaProNow boss Jason Wize speaks at Detroit College

Eager students learn how businesses are using Social Media to grow and connect

(EMAILWIRE.COM, December 17, 2012 ) Ideally college students are supposed to learn what they need to know to successfully enter the workforce. However, it's easy to find recent graduates that say they're not applying what they learned in school on the job. But thanks to Jason Wize, Managing Partner at MediaProNow, the students at Wayne County Community College will have an advantage over their peers.

Wize delivered a dynamic talk to a packed auditorium of students and future entrepreneurs at the Eastern campus of WCCCD. The topic was Social Media and how businesses are leveraging this platform to do amazing things. "Social Media has become the fastest growing segment of marketing today and businesses realize that," said Wize. "The question business owners need to ask is if they're in position to take advantage of it."

This isn't the first time Wize has graced the stage at the college. In the past he's given talks on entrepreneurship, marketing and how business owners can better manage cash flow. "WCCCD has nearly 22,000 students which makes it one of the largest schools in Michigan. My job is to make sure that everyone walks away with something useful they didn't know," Wize said.

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin seemed to steal the show. Wize spoke about how businesses are using these social networks to build brand loyalty, generate sales leads and even recruit new employees. It was easy to hear a pin drop as much of the crowd was busy taking notes. After his remarks there was plenty of time for Q&A. "That's the most exciting part," exclaimed Wize. "I love the interaction with the audience because I get to personalize what was covered." WCCCD students will have much to look forward to as the school intends to book Wize for several dates in 2013. "As long as they keep asking me I will gladly spend time with the students. Besides, you never know when you're talking to your next new hire," Wize said with a smile.

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