Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Jackets For Jobs Participants get a Chance to Try Success on for Size

15 Welfare recipients get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from successful women entrepreneurs with million dollar businesses

 Detroit, Mi -- Think it's hard getting a live person when you call customer service? Try getting a meeting with the CEO of a million dollar company, especially if you're on welfare.

Fortunately, Jackets For Jobs, a Detroit-based organization that helps low income women win jobs by providing professional clothing and advice, is taking part in Count Me In, a seminar for women entrepreneurs hosted by Urban Rebound. Jackets For Jobs will send 15 lucky women to meet and learn from Detroit's most successful women business owners.

The two day event, in the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center this Friday (9/28) and Monday (10/1), is aimed at highlighting successful women business owners and showing them how to grow their businesses to reach $250,000 in revenue, usually a tipping point that sends most businesses to higher heights. Urban Rebound is a business growth initiative for women business owners in the greater Los Angeles, Detroit and Charlotte, NC, regions funded by a grant from the Sam's Club Giving Program.

Thanks to Jackets For Jobs, the program will reach a wider, and perhaps more needy audience. Women who might have thought they never had a chance at success, will have an opportunity to rub elbows with Detroit's high achievers.

"We see the Count Me In event as a great opportunity for some of our women to witness just how successful entrepreneurs become successful," says Alison Vaughn, CEO of Jackets For Jobs.

Isisara Bey, founder of Count Me In, will host a special seminar for 15 Jackets for Jobs participants on Friday from 10-11:30am at the Jackets For Jobs Headquarters located at 5555 Conner, Suite 2097, Detroit, MI 48213. The seminar invites them to discuss their first memories of money, to replace self-limiting thoughts with ideas that promote achievement and to "pitch" themselves by creating a two-minute talk that promotes their unique abilities.

While at the event, they'll interact with some of the city's most successful women business owners. The list, which includes people like Gail Perry-Mason, Vanessa Rucker and Wendy Thomas, is a who's who of Detroit's finest women business and industry leaders.

Count Me In believes in Jackets For Jobs so much that they are asking registered attendees to consider donating business clothing to the non-profit organization. The Urban Rebound-Detroit Conference and Competition For Women will take place on Monday 10/1 from 8-5pm at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center.

More information about Jackets For Jobs is available at or by calling (313) 579-9160.

About: Jackets For Jobs is a non-profit organization that helps low income women and men make the transition to work by providing professional business attire and career counseling. Founded in 2000, Jackets For Jobs has helped over 12,000 women and men take the first steps toward job success. Jackets For Jobs is a Michigan Works affiliate.

Contact Information:
Jackets For Jobs
Alison Vaughn
Tel: (313) 579-9160

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