Friday, 19 October 2012

Indianapolis Dryer Vent Repair Wizard Extinguishes Dryer Fire During Inspection

A small spark from an exposed wire completes the recipe for disaster when broken dryer duct dumps flammable lint into false ceiling

 Indianapolis, IN – The Indianapolis Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard showed up at the customer's home just in time to put out a dryer lint fire! During a dryer vent inspection he noticed that there was no air coming out of one of the lower level dryer vents. The dryer vent repair technician knew there was a serious problem.

Glen Mayfield, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard ( finds a problem with most dryer vent system inspections. Dryer Vent Wizard specializes in commercial and residential dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent repair and new dryer vent installation.

When Glen looked up into the drop ceiling, he discovered the problem. A break in the dryer vent line was depositing lint into the space rather than sending it out through the vent. Dryer vent repair would be necessary to replace the flexible foil venting with a rigid metal elbow.

Though failure to clean dryer vents is the major cause of dryer fires, faulty dryer vents can also be hazardous. Dryer vent repair and new dryer vent installation by a qualified dryer exhaust technician will ensure dryer safety.

While installing the new code compliant rigid dryer vent system Mayfield noticed an exposed wire in the ceiling had created a spark and caught the lint on fire! Flames were shooting across the false ceiling and were spreading rapidly. He quickly called the fire department and temporarily put out the fire. Firefighters arrived to finish the job and prevent the flames from reaching the living area of the home.

The customer thanked the Wizard for saving their home. They were most relieved because the fire occurred very close to their children's play area. If the fire had started at any other time it may have been a total loss for the family.

Professional dryer vent cleaning and new dryer vent installation by the Wizard saved the customer's home and made their dryer safer and more energy efficient. The customer agreed to have a complete inspection and cleaning performed every 6 months to be safe.

Education is a vital part of the Wizard's service and this was a great day for Glen Mayfield who gained a loyal customer while making another dryer in his neighborhood safer and greener. Wizards across the nation work hard to raise public awareness about the importance of dryer vent cleaning and professional dryer vent installation. Visit to learn more.

About Dryer Vent Wizard:
Dryer Vent Wizard is a member of the National Fire Protection Association and the largest chain of dryer vent cleaning, repair, replacement and alternation specialists in the U.S. with nearly 60 franchisees in major markets. Dryer Vent Wizard franchisees work to promote public awareness on the importance of dryer vent cleaning to prevent dryer fires and save energy. Consumer education while making clothes dryers safer and greener are the main focus of DVW franchisees. Dryer Vent Wizard was founded in 2004 by Dave Lavalle who is also the founder of the Mr. Handyman franchise.


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