Monday, 24 September 2012

Community Initiatives|Dr J Freedom Treatment by Mr Derrick Community and Business Development Network is in the initial
stages of creating a movement that shall sweep the nation; yes even the
world. We are a diverse and growing collaboration of business and com-
munity organizations, professionals, individuals, etc. dedicated to the mis-
sion of building stronger communities daily. Doing business as usual is no
longer a viable option. Isn't it time for a change? .......................................MORE>>>> 

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Brother's Keeper: Sons to Fathers: Pre Father's day event
Meet and Greet Dr. Jackie...
CARA & Mr Derrick Host:  Hair with a Heart Community Forum

You had it Comin! 

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Professional Realty Team
DrJ Freedom Treatment

Meet and Greet Dr Jackie...

The Goood News: Dr J Freedom Pages

Dixon wages war on Foreclosures!
Brother's Keeper:  Sons to Fathers:  Pre Father's day event

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