Monday, 3 September 2012

An appliance repair Katy TX Company Advocates Safety and Good Health With Regularly Scheduled Appliance Repair and Maintenance In the Home

An appliance repair Katy TX company, A Noble Service, advocates safety and good health in the home with regularly scheduled appliance repair and maintenance.

Dangers lurk at home in many areas, but none are as preventable as those caused by poorly maintained household appliances. While an automatic washer and dryer may have been the envy of Great grandmother's eyes, family safety was always priority one and needs to be even more so today.

Modern high tech appliances can make the drudgery of common place work in the home almost a pleasurable event, however to make sure those appliances stay on the straight and narrow, a regular schedule of maintenance is needed. Call a company that specializes in appliance repair like A Noble Service to set a date for an appliance repair inspection today.

Many people do not realize that in order to work the most efficiently a washing machine must be level. If it is un-level even a little bit, it can and often does cause major problems.

An off-balance machine shakes horrendously when loaded with clothes and water and this can cause damage to the tile floor and sub flooring resulting in very costly repair. A simple check by an appliance repair technician from A Noble Service can insure safety to ones GE washing machine, clothes and floor by making certain the washer is perfectly balanced, likewise the other important appliance of the laundry room can be even more damaging.

An improperly maintained Maytag dryer can cost one the entire house. A simple inspection by an appliance technician from A Noble Service will show if there are any lint clogs that will inhibit air flow, setting the stage for even greater build up which may lead to a potentially devastating fire.

A dryer with a clog will also damage those fine clothes and delicate fabrics on which an average family spends a good portion of their household budgets An over-heating dryer will weaken fine fabrics and lower the efficiency of the drying cycle causing one's electric or gas bill to rise dramatically. Here again, a simple inspection and cleaning of the dryer vent will eliminate these two problems and many others.

A Noble Service is a trusted appliance repair company in Katy TX that one can trust to provide an excellent standard in the repair and maintenance of all home appliances from the laundry to the kitchen.

About A Noble Service:
A Noble Service, an appliance repair company based in Katy is family-owned and operated appliance repair service and installation business. With a wide range of service training and experience, owner Noble Justice services all the major brands of refrigerators and freezers, stoves, washer and dryers, trash compactors and other appliances in the Houston, Cypress, Katy, Memorial Park, Spring, Sugarland and The Woodlands, TX areas. Winner of the 2011 Super Service Award from Angie's List, Noble Justice takes pride in his fast, dependable and honest appliance repair service.

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